Maarten Baas' Just About Now Encourages Time to Be More Abstract

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: maartenbaas & fastcodesign
Ever since he was studying away in design school, Dutch designer Maarten Baas has played with the concept of time; up until the Just About Now clock, his creations have been artistic concepts and prototypes. Endeavoring to reinvent the familiar twenty-four hour clock in a radical way, he teamed up with Dutch/English manufacturers Laikingland.

The Just About Now clock is comprised of a unique hourglass creation that is attached to a brass gong. When the sand has filled the cup, which approximately takes an hour, the gong sounds off via a mechanized mallet. Recently unveiled at Salone del Mobile, Baas writes, "The exact time is often irrelevant. A coffee break, a meditation, a nap, a business meeting, they could take a few minutes longer or shorter than an exact amount of time."