Jurassic Systems Allows you to Access the Films Computer System

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: jurassicsystems & mashable
If you have ever aspired to hack into the Jurassic Park computer system you are in luck, the Jurassic Systems allows you to personally relive the iconic scene where Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) tries to bypass the obnoxious personal coding touches of Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight).

Jurassic Systems is a recreation of the computer system that is based in the film. The simulator is created by Tully Robinson who has added a couple of working features designed in the IRIX style and sounds so that it replicated the clunky 90s computer.

You are able to engage in various working command lines in the simulator by typing "help." In order to activate Nedry's irritating system lockdown, you can make three attempts at unlocking the security system. If you try typing "access security," "access security grid" or "access main security grid," it may or may not allow you to continue.