This Craft is Remote Controlled, Making for an Awesome Jurassic Play Time

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: thatslikewhoa
There is a new Dino in town, and it's improving play time in a big way. It has a hard exterior, and is surprisingly technologically advanced. This DIY Wooden model making Dino kit, complete with remote control robotic unit, is guaranteed to bring out the Steven Spielberg in all of us.

This hands on product is great for children, geeks, nerd-jocks, of all ages. The kit comes with simple snap together wood pieces to build the skeleton of various dinosaurs including a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops and an Apatosaurus. The kit also gives users a remote control to control the movement of their new pet, and further command it to roar. And it that wasn't interactive enough, each dinosaur respondes to clapping sounds and the sounds of the other dinosaurs.

This DIY craft lets children create and design their very own personal Jurassic Park for a little Jurassic play.