Julieta Colas Reinterprets the Popular Television Show 'Community'

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: nymag & buzzfeed
This children's book re-imagining of popular television show 'Community' created by illustrator Julieta Colás has given fans something to look at until the summer hiatus is over. This adorable series of drawings display the many different relationships and dynamics between the cast characters. For the most part, the drawings have been taken shot-by-shot from the show and the others are just loose interpretations based on how the show is progressing.

The detailed accuracy of the illustrations are stunning, and Julieta's Danny Glover, Joel McHale and Danny Pudi are particularly realistic. The only person missing from the main study group is Chevy Chase who plays Pierce on the show. The artist said, "as much as I'd love to draw that I know nobody would wanna see."