Jotun Jotashield Extreme Paint Reflects Heat to Keep Interiors Cozy

The leading producer and distributor of paints in Saudi Arabia, Jotun, has introduced and launched Jotashield Extreme, an eco-friendly paint for homes and businesses. This innovation joins other "green" home modifications like solar power panels, water-conserving shower heads and power-saving light bulbs.

This is not your average eco paint. Marketing manager Faisal Karim says, "Jotashield Extreme is a result of Jotun’s extensive efforts to develop an exterior paint product that can not only reflect heat but also promote a reduction in energy use." The paint coating provides a longer-lasting finish with superior exterior protection and has twice the heat-reflective capabilities of ordinary exterior paints. Other benefits include excellent indoor thermal comfort, lower energy consumption used for keeping buildings cool and longer-lasting color.