Jonathan May Inspires Fear and Hilarity with His Latest Photo Series

These unique photos by Jonathan May inspire a jolt of shock upon first glance. It takes a moment to figure out the image; the viewer is forced to explore the photos details with a mildly repulsed curiosity. Upon recognizing these shadowy figures as mud-streaked, masked and bikini-clad people, the playful tone of these shots causes the observer to re-evaluate their original reaction to these images.

The humor of these images and the jolly stance May's subjects assume contrasts strongly with the moody low level lighting Jonathan May favored for this series. The shadows obscure the figures' masked faces further causing the viewer to further misunderstand what they are observing. The pieces may inspire fear in one instance and a few smiles the next.

The tricky light of dawn and dusk play with the emotions of the observer. These photos inspire the unlikely emotional intersection of humor and fear.