These John C. Thurbin Works are Monochromatic and Minamalist

 - May 27, 2012
References: lostateminor
John C. Thurbin is a London-based printmaker and illustrator who has honed his craft well judging by his recent lino-cut work.

There is something to be said about luscious, bright colors, but monochromatic line-drawing has its appeal as well. Clarity and purity are words that spring to mind when looking at Thurbin's work. He applies a minimalist shading technique that emphasizes large swaths of either white or black, a style very much reminiscent of film noir aesthetics. Indeed, many of the subjects of Thorbin's work -- blacks cats, Winston Churchill -- are familiar tropes from the era of film noir.

Still, Thurbin's work is undeniably contemporary. The artist draws a lot of inspiration from tattoos, as seen in one piece of a man who's shoulders are covered in ink.