'Joggobot' is a Flying Device that Flies by Your Side While Running

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: exertiongameslab.org & designboom
For those who like to run, having a running buddy does not always work out, but the 'Joggobot' will not disappoint.

It's a robotic flying device that is designed to be a runner's motivator and companion to help them keep up their pace while exercising. It's designed by a research group led by Floyd Meuller and Eberhard Gräther, a technology researcher, at RMIT University in Australia.

The Joggobot can pick up cues on when to fly and when to stop. It reads a code off the runner's t-shirt and proceeds to fly ahead while maintaining a distance; the Joggobot will immediately land once the code is out of sight. There's a camera tracker equipped on the Joggobot and there's also a speed setting function that can be toyed with through a custom smartphone app.

Photo Credits: designboom, exertiongameslab.org