John McCain Apologizes to Joe the Plumber

 - Oct 17, 2008
References: politico
Joe the Plumber took center stage at the last presidential debate between Obama and McCain. Painted as 2008’s Everyman, John McCain used Joe the Plumber to illustrate the impact that increased taxes would cause as a result of Barack Obama’s economic plans.

Since the presidential debate, Joe the Plumber has become an Internet sensation. John McCain later apologized to Joe the Plumber on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ for putting him in the spotlight.

It turns out that our Everyman has a reason to be upset at his unintentional fame. Joe the Plumber is an actual person named Sam. His middle name is Joseph. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is a single dad, but Joe the Plumber also owes $1200 in back taxes and isn’t a licensed plumber.