'iSad' by Laurent Marcoux Changes Apple's Corporate Symbol and Meaning

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: designer-entreprise
Laurent Marcoux took the highly recognizable Apple logo and gave it a re-design after redone the death of Steve Jobs. Dubbed 'iSad,' this logo shows how corporate logos can still keep their charms after being updated by consumers themselves. Good graphic design should resist time and be upgraded. The logo can then be used as a way for consumers to talk to the brand. They will twist it, change it, color it, etc.

With the Internet and social networking tools like Twitter (which was engulfed by the announcement of Jobs' death), people enjoy re-defining boundaries and innovating. They want a new type of graphic communication. They want to decide what’s hot or not… So? Well, Laurent Marcoux shows that your brand is now their brand, it is now the brand of everyone, so make sure your logo is up-to-date, clever and upgradable!