Joanna Piotrowska Examines the Darker Side of Domestic Life

 - Sep 5, 2014
References: joannapiotrowska & itsnicethat
For her latest series, titled 'FROWST,' photographer Joanna Piotrowska seeks to display the decidedly darker underbelly of the domestic sphere. Far from sunshine and butterflies, family life has the capacity to be perverse, distressing and often burdensome. Her compositions feature family members in strange, awkward positions, often lying across each other's bodies in a way that that imbues each black-and-white image with a quiet, unsettling air.

The fact that the images feel "vaguely incestuous" is no accident, as Piotrowska is intentionally exploring how seemingly ambiguous interactions can have double-meanings that cause psychological discomfort. Hesitancy or uncertainty can ignite a confusion; perhaps you can't point out the violent or offending article in the photo, but you're still left with an underlying unease. With her photography, she hopes to encourage people to take a second look at things that, at first glance, may seem innocuous.

Her series will be shown at the Emotional Resources exhibition at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.