The Jinsei Tokei Alarm

 - Oct 13, 2008
References: kilian-nakamura & dvice
The Jinsei Tokei or Life Clock is an alarm clock that contains an animated avatar inside that mimics your real-life events in Tamagotchi-like fashion.

There are three character options: a schoolgirl, a businessman or a rock star. The avatar wakes up when the alarm goes off; when you set the alarm again, the character goes right to bed and sleeps. The clock's odekake timer reminds you to prepare for work, school or other appointments at specified intervals. And as you go to work, school or off to shop, the avatar performs those same actions as well.

You can also use the Jinsei Tokei alarm clock as a kitchen timer; while you cook, the life clock character cooks along with you. The Life Clock is a product from Japan and is sold for $55.