Jessi Hagood Shoots a Shabby Storefront

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: jessihagood.wordpress
Jessi Hagood -- commercial and event photographer extraordinaire -- breaths life into a run down roadside store with his collection titled Roadside Store. It has been a long time since roadside stores were the main shopping sources for residents, long before malls invaded every corner of every town. Even in smaller hamlets and cities these roadside stores and pharmacies are being replaced by bigger chains and modern stores. But for the most part, these stores lack the beauty and aesthetics of the older roadside stores.

Time may have passed and moved on from this old store, but Jessi Hagood hasn’t forgotten it. Taking a look back into simpler times and at an aged beauty this Jessi Hagood series of photos really warms the soul and awakens appreciation for vintage charm.