Artist Jesse Treece Creates Unreal Collages

Collage artist Jesse Treece creates surreal compositions, which borderline charming and hauntingly sublime. While his images may appear mundane, the process and compositions are darling and disturbing.

Using nothing but scissors, glue and magazine cut-outs, Treece begins to shape what will become his collage masterpiece. Proving you can still do things the old-fashion way, this artist forms scenic depictions that you would think only Photoshop could produce. His work blends human subjects with natural landscapes, clashing the two forces into one badass scene. Whether it's playing with scale or adding an unexpected twist to a mundane setting, Treece manages to push all sorts of visual boundaries.

Currently situated in Seattle, WA, Jesse Treece continues to work in the collage-style, fabricating events with juxtaposing and daring artistic elements.