This Jenga Packaging Replicates the Exterior of the Poznan University

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: zupagrafika & mocoloco
Polish design firm Zupagrafika created a brand new Jenga packaging for the fun puzzle tower-building board game. The new box design replicates the aesthetic exterior of the iconic red Collegium Altum tower at the Poznan Universty of Economics.

The rectangular shape of a traditional box of Jenga makes the box the perfect game packaging to use to replicate the shapes of popular architectural buildings. Zupagrafika created the designs for the Collegium Altum tower by drawing the package entirely by hand. The building is recreated from red corrugated card with miniature layers of office windows stacked in between the red fixtures. The office windows even come with miniature curtains that you can see in real-life when looking up at the tower.