This Regular Pepperoni Pizza has a Very Unusual Pizza Crust

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: ohbiteit
People have been replacing traditional pizza crusts with all sorts of things lately, from cereal and pasta to full-on meat pies and sausage rolls -- and now, jalapeno poppers too. Created by Amy of the food blog Oh, Bite It!, the Jalapeno Popper Crust Pizza goes a step beyond stuffing a crust with just cheese, but features a ring of poppers around the rest of the pepperoni pizza.

If you want to make your own jalapeno poppers pizza crust at home, you will need Pillsbury Crescent dough, fresh jalapeno peppers, shredded mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, egg and oregano. You can also forego the pepperoni and add whatever toppings you want on the pizza -- there's lots of room for customization.