Stripping Down On Mt. Blanc

 - Oct 11, 2007
After reaching the top of Mt. Blanc this fall, a group of thrill seekers stripped down and jumped into a portable hot tub. The adventure enthusiasts reached the peak of the Alp on September 13, 2007, after climbing dangerous glaciers and enduring hours of intense hiking.

The tour was led by Swiss company, Jacuzzi Events, which specializes in hosting parties in offbeat and intriguing locations. No helicopters or other motorized vehicles helped the participants, and all supplies, jacuzzi included, had the be carried by the hikers. After waiting for the perfect weather conditions, each person strapped on a bag weighing over 45 lbs and began trekking.

"During almost one year we searched for means to make the system more reliable and lighter," the site explains. "All components had to be as light as possible still functioning in an oxygen depleted atmosphere, under wind and freezing temperatures. We soon realized that a Jaccuzzi at the top of Mont-Blanc would be just as much a social challenge than technological."

What a luxurious reward and great way to relax muscles after a strenuous hike!