Jack by Sean Dufrene Follows an Eccentric Father Figure

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: seandufrene & whitezine
Although the photo series titled Jack by Sean Dufrene could be a very inappropriate, yet hilarious beer campaign, it actually revolves around the photographer's own experience as a child. The man starring in this rather risque photo shoot is a stand-in for his own father, who was clearly an eccentric fellow.

Jack by Sean Dufrene may be a caricature of his own childhood, but it will certainly resonate with others as well. Based in Los Angeles, Dufrene has probably come across his fair share of quirky individuals, which has added even more color to this fun photo shoot. As a photojournalist and fashion photographer, Dufrene typically takes stylistic, high definition images that is a refreshing change from the vintage fad sweeping the industry right now.