iTravey Brings the Best Travel Deals to Your Fingertips

 - Mar 8, 2014
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iTravey is a travel platform that reverses the travel-booking process as we know it. With iTravey, you longer have to search the Internet looking for the best deals -- iTravey brings custom-made offers to you.

If you're looking to go on vacation, all you have to do is submit a description of your ideal vacation -- including details about desired accommodation, modes of transportation, sightseeing and activities.

Once that's done, travel agencies, hotels and tour operators will assess your needs and approach you with offers, so all you have to do is compare them and choose the one you like best.

From the point of view of tourism companies, iTravey is a great way to snare customers from competitors using tempting offers. For travelers, the iTravey platform means less time wasted searching for deals, and the luxury of choosing between individualized offers. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "customer is king."