These Devices Help Users Keep Track of Their Keys, Wallet and Pet

 - Dec 22, 2015
References: indiegogo & bustle
'Wistiki' is a French company that is selling a series of item tracks for all of your most valuable goods. Many consumers can relate to the frustrating feeling of searching for a lost wallet or set of keys. These digital devices are designed to help consumers keep track of their most precious items.

Wistiki sells three different devices, each of which is designed to track a different item. 'The Aha!' is designed to keep track of pets, 'The Voila!' is for keys and 'The Hopla!' is for wallets. Each of these devices is equipped with a small alert that will activate if lost. If you cannot locate where your item is based on the sound alone, you can also check the GPS map, which shows the exact location of the item.

The high-tech item trackers are perfect for those who seem to loose the same objects over and over again.