The Istanboul Bench by P-ARCH References the Topography of Turkey

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: p-arch & design-milk
A chair only needs three legs in order to gain stability, so while the fourth support might merely be supplementary, the Istanboul Bench by P-ARCH boasts the accessory of yet another three appendages.

There is indeed a purpose beneath the cluster of unusual crutches of this seat, since a handful would have been quite enough to carry the weight of two people sitting on this perch. Designed by Bora Cakilkaya, the quirky piece of furniture makes a physical reference to the geography of the city by which it is named, mimicking its seven iconic hills.

It seems that there are five different molds for the bizarre bulging legs, coated in colorful pigments in one version of the object. The kooky composition of the Istanboul Bench by P-ARCH exudes a contemporary exoticism bound to intrigue the observer.