Haniyeh Abedi Leads Industry

 - Sep 3, 2007
References: youtube
Most of us living in the worlds of Guess, Abercrombie, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have never heard of Persian designers like Haniyeh Abedi. If the continued trend towards global fashion continues in the west, we might soon be draping ourselves in fashions from Tehran.

"Iranian designers fuse international and European fashion with traditional Iranian styles, breathing new life into Islamic fashion in Iran," YouTube user msoltan wrote.

"At a rare official fashion show in the country's capital, Tehran, designers took the opportunity to display some colourful and vibrant Islamic costumes which are not only in line with Islamic codes, but also current fashion trends.

"While not exactly trying to put the chic into chador, Iranian fashion designer Haniyeh Abedi believes that the strict Islamic dress code requiring women to be covered from head to toe does not mean they cannot look good."

Check out the video for the scoop on the Iranian fashion scene.