This iPhone Speaker/Amplifier is Made from Old Skateboard Decks

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: etsy
Look, ma, no wires! This iPhone speaker/amplifier, offered by Etsy store Genuine Woodworking, is made out of old skateboard decks.

The speaker is specially designed to amplify sound without plugging it in. It's also easy to transport, making it perfect for camping trips or outdoor barbecues, where outlets may not be readily available. The design can accommodate all sizes of the iPhone, from the iPhone 4 and upward, as well as the iPod touch.

Beyond not having to fumble with cords, the speaker has a cool, retro-looking vibe that seems to happen when mixing wood and technology. It's a kitschy piece that not only allows listeners to enjoy their music at a higher volume, but also makes a style statement.