The Invisible Barn by stpmj is Cleverly Cloaked in Mylar

 - Apr 21, 2014
References: stpmj & fastcodesign
The Invisible Barn may not be entirely imperceptible, but to the casual observer it might as well be. It has been almost completely covered in Mylar, the same material used for space blankets and birthday balloons. The material gives it a mirrored effect. This allows the Invisible Barn to melt into its surroundings since that is what is reflected on its surface.

Designed by stpmj, a design studio based in New York, the Invisible Barn was created for the The Architectural League's 2014 Folly Competition, which involves any building constructed mostly for its ornamentation. Designed specifically to complement the Socrates Sculpture Park, the Invisible Barn is shaped like a parallelogram. It boasts cutouts that act like open-air windows for passersby to look through. They appear to be floating.