2new4streetview's Interactive Street Art Gets People Active

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: statigr.am & mymodernmet
Artist 2new4streetview's interactive street art merges a passion for skate culture and the public.

2new4streetview began tagging walls with an upside kick-flip. The kick-flip is a skateboarding maneuver that requires a rider to flip their board. The artist started by putting the skateboard image on windows, shops and random walls across America and Europe. The purpose of the installation is to encourage people to participate in the fun and to attempt a photo-op that makes them appear to be doing a kick-flip in the air. The result is a crazy collection of shots of people jumping in mid-air with their hands waving. The art is placed in the most absurd locations and force people to get creative with it. The pictures especially pop when set against the backdrop of graffiti and brickwork walls.

2new4streetview's interactive street art and the people who participate in the experience pay tribute to skaters all around the world.