This Album App Stores and Tracks Visual Documentation of Families

 - Sep 12, 2016
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While older generations have historically documented their photos and albums in physical form, online interactive albums such as the the ones 'Hell'O Baby' provides are suited for Millennials who tend to store their photos and videos digitally.

The interactive album comes in the form of an app and website and provides the perfect opportunity for parents of newborn or young children to track their progress and lives. Users of this service are provided with private accounts in which they can store photos and videos, share chosen moments with friends and if necessary, can print the albums or receive video stories. The interactive album can also be used to track the physical growth of children.

Hell'O Baby provides a service that conveniences the process of documenting the lives of infants and young children, while also providing a variety of services that make that documentation more comprehensive in its approach than physical albums.