Instructional Survival Video Shows How to Build a Fire With One's Pee

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: facebook & laughingsquid
For most people, urine is considered a gross human waste but in this instructional survival video by The King of Random, people are shown how one's pee can be used to build a fire.

When there's no water around, the second best liquid to use is urine. To build a fire, one must first collect the waste, find a transparent plastic wrap and then make a balloon of urine with the clear material. Once the ball is created, people are to use the urine ball as a magnifying glass and it's surprising to see how effective it can be.

While venturing in the wild, people are prone to getting lost and there's no harm in learning how to use every last resource to save your life. In this video, viewers are shown how to cleverly use urine as a magnifying glass to start a fire.