The Instantly Inflating Air Pad by the Windcatcher Saves Time

 - May 25, 2013
References: kickstarter
This instantly inflating air pad does not require pumping or out-of-breath huffing and puffing. The Windcatcher uses revolutionary inflation technology which allows it to inflate and deflate almost instantly.

Unlike a conventional air mattress, your mouth will never touch the valve when inflating this air pad. Instead, you blow a couple centimeters away from the Windcatcher wider port. The founders and creators Ryan and Rob have got it all figured out: since creating a stream of fast moving, low pressure air creates a higher air pressure, the Windcatcher is able to amplify your every breath by 10 to 15 times. It deflates instantly due to its wider opening and is compact and convenient for travel.

This revolutionary inflation technology could potentially benefit other industries.