AntikKOMBO's Instabil Kommode is Unique and Quirky

 - Nov 12, 2011
References: design-milk
The Instabil Kommode shows that not all furniture has to follow set rules regarding design and even physics. Instead, it is a disregard for these rules that can create something truly unique and quirky. Yet, it is important to not venture too far or people will shun it because they don't understand the design. The Instabil Kommode straddles the line between these two concepts beautifully.

Created by AntikKOMBO, a design studio based in Germany, the Instabil Kommode is named after its seemingly unstable properties. Of course, this is more for appearance than anything else. The Instabil Kommode is meant to be propped between two chairs, giving it stability so that the owner can go in and out of its drawers without difficulty. It is also made out of antique materials.