Michael Bregman Discusses How to Stay On Top of the Cutting Edge

 - Sep 20, 2014
References: youtube
CEO of Tailwind Capital Michael Bregman shares his innovative marketing insights for ways business can stay on top of the cutting edge and keep a keen eye out for patterns in the food industry. Bregman also works as a chairman for the large coffee brand Second Cup.

In an interview focused on innovation Bregman explains ways he doesn't let the fear of wanting to the the best paralyze him from moving and staying on top of newly emerging ideas and fads. Keeping a hungry appetite for ambition is one strategy Bergman says Second Cup uses to constantly remain inventive and open to change. This way the company is constantly striving for more without remaining complacent with its recent or current successes. Being open to trying new and potentially unsuccessful projects is a great way to learn and see what fits for your brand.