The 'Inneres Auge' by Pavlove der Visionaer is Incredibly Intriguing

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: & wearedrifters
These portraits entitled 'Inneres Auge' by Pavlove der Visionaer are incredibly intriguing. The photographer decided to capture artists in Berlin, Rome and Milan, in their working space, but with their eyes closed.

These natural shots give viewers a glimpse into the everyday lives of these artists. There is a deeper symbolic meaning, however, behind these shots. The words "inneres auge" actually mean "third eye" in German. According to his site, Pavlove der Visionaer believes that "creative people have this third eyes always open," which exudes his belief that, even with eyes closed, an artist can still create.

By having the subjects pose with closed eyes, the photographer invites the audience to examine the other aspects of the photo that may have otherwise been ignored. This series is truly enlightening and captivating.