Industrius is a Change Engine Transforming Waste in London

Industrius is a new not-for-profit enterprise based in London that aims to transform vacant spaces into short-term creative projects.

Industrius is dedicated to upcycling currently powers the Industri[us] Festival of Upcycling in Canning Town that lasts from June to September. The current site of the Festival, Industrius' first site, was created entirely from borrowed, used or reusable materials, and is 'packable,' thus it could be packed up and transferred to a new site at the end of the current term.

Currently, the eco-friendly site features a street food court, the Cockney Museum, Dorset Cider House, Upcylers market and an exhibition.

In bringing attention and activity to potentially downtrodden and desolate urban areas, Industrius hopes to also generate long-term transformation in communities by encouraging enterprise and inspiring innovation.

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