Operator Deals With the Dehumanizing Effects of Megacorporations

 - Dec 27, 2013
References: youtube & fastcodesign
Colorado Springs-based filmmaker Sam Barnett wanted to make an Industrial Wasteland-inspired film to instill empathy for someone who is powerless, "[s]omeone who is trapped in a system against which they have no defense." Driven by this theme and notion, he has created a stop motion short that features a puppet hand moved by an animator and photographed frame for frame to create the illusion of movement. Barnett's stop motion animation called Operator was made from working in his studio, eight hours per day for eight months.

The video features Bob, an employee at Infocorp, a bodiless, efficiency and profit obsessed megacorporation of the future. All Bob does everyday is follow instructions on where to change the plugs that are screwed into individualized sockets.

Bob manages to get through the dehumanizing industrial corporation and thinks about his family when a parasite crawls through one of the sockets to try to take over his mind.