Indie Game STAY Has Players Chat with a Mysteriously Captured Man

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: store.steampowered & indiedb
Indie game STAY is a mature adventure game that fuses point-and-click gameplay with innovative storytelling. The game focuses on a man named Quinn who wakes up alone in a locked room. It is clear that he is trapped and his only connection to the real world is through an old PC that is hooked up only to a chat room. This is where the player comes in—while players can occasionally take control of Quinn, they will mostly be interacting with the character through conversations in the chat room. This innovative mode of storytelling pulls players into the game through empathy and leaves players just as confused as Quinn.

STAY features a unique, real-time mechanic that can drastically affect the player's experience. Every minute spent away from the game leaves Quinn alone, and the longer Quinn is alone, the greater the chance something negative may happen. It is also important that the player maintains a compassionate tone with Quinn, as his emotions and thoughts towards the player can lead to positive or negative outcomes. Beyond the chat room, STAY will allow players to solve simple puzzles and unravel the mystery of Quinn, but at its core this game focuses on a captured man.