The Imprint Bicycle Grips Conform to Your Hand for Comfort and Control

 - Jan 5, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
TMR Designs could very well change the way you ride a bike with its Imprint Bicycle Grips. The malleable grips look and feel exactly like normal grips, with the only exception being that they conform to your grip for added comfort and control. The Imprint Bicycle Grips can be molded an infinite number of times and are designed to fit onto a standard bicycle handlebar.

Molding the grips is as simple as getting out some hot and cold water, and, well, gripping them. The ability to have a grip molded to your hand should appeal to both casual and hardcore bikes alike. TMR Designs is seeking $24,679 (£15,000) of funding to help bring the Imprint Grips to the masses.