The Tower is an Imaginative Home That Let’s You Hang Among the Pl

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: homesandhues & neatorama
Ever want to have an imaginative home that breaks away from the typical brick and mortar? The Tower satisfies the needs of some to live among the trees in nature, while also providing a cozy and luxurious living environment

Gluck+ has created a T-style home with a multitude of floors and an almost floating ledge-type section. The ledge part is hoisted up on a platform and the hanging parts feature the bedroom and kitchen. You can literally feel like the king of the jungle in this home.

The home itself is huge and stylishly designed, featuring a back-painted glass exterior. Each individual room is a small suite. People may not want an ultra-imaginative home to live in everyday, but for a vacation home, it’s perfect.