These Imaginary Planes by Peteris Lidaka are the Kind That Fly in Dreams

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: peterislidaka & itsnicethat
These imaginary planes by Peteris Lidaka are the kind that takes your dreams to the sky. They are catalysts of all of your fantasies and goals, and they are ready to take off.

The planes themselves do not look particularly functional, aerodynamic or possess any of the other qualities that are necessary for flight. Not to mention, it's pretty clear that Peteris didn't study flight and aircraft engineering, and yet these quirky and odd concepts are absolutely brilliant. They don't need to be able to fly, because they inspire flight of the imagination.

Peteris has displayed a lot of creativity and magic of the mind in bringing these imaginary planes to existence. Their playful nature is something to behold.