iMac iMacquarium Offers Aquatic Life a Geeky Abode

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: macquarium.jakeharms & gadgetsin
Before you throw away an old monitor, perhaps the iMac iMacquarium will offer incentive to turn the device into a geeky new aqua abode.

Jake Harms is the creative mind behind the iMac iMacquarium, which transforms an ordinary monitor into an aquarium. He's taken an old iMac G3 and cleared out the circuits in favor of water pebbles and of course, fish. It features a built-in filter and a light that can be turned on and off via switch in the back. The case opens up easily for daily feeding and access inside, making it convenient to take care of the pet and the accessory. At three gallons, it should be more than enough room for the fish to enjoy swimming. The iMac iMacquarium is available in a variety of colors.