The IBM Blockchain CPU Can Bring Modern Tech to Almost Anything

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: digitaltrends & cointelegraph
Unveiled at Think 2018, the IBM blockchain CPU is not only a huge development for blockchain technology, but is also smaller than a single grain of salt. Coming in at 1 millimeter by 1 millimeter this incredibly small CPU has the same computing power as 1990s era computers, but also features the use of blockchain technology. The use of blockchain technology in the minuscule CPU was meant to extend digital authentication to objects in the everyday world.

The IBM blockchain CPU goes beyond authentication and also has the ability to perform data summarization and local data analysis. All of these features are handled through blockchain technology. The IBM blockchain CPU may not be a powerhouse in terms of performance, but its limited horsepower allows IBM to keep manufacturing costs low as the IBM blockchain CPU comes in at just 10 cents per unit. This inexpensive nature is pivotal to the CPU as it can easily be embedded in almost anything and can, therefore, bring blockchain technology to anything.

Image Credit: IBM