This Honda Acura RLX Hybrid Features Driver Assistance Technologies

 - May 27, 2016
References: hondanews & gizmag
As far as hybrid vehicles go, they don't come about as exciting as futuristic as this particular offering, an RLX hybrid brought to you by Honda -- and none other than its famous Acura division.

This particular automated vehicle is fitted with an exceptionally futuristic suite of hardware components. Some of the highlights include improved radar and Lidar, boosted cameras and significantly upgraded GPS sensors. The supporting hardware that does less glamorous behind-the-scenes work has also been boosted to include CPUs that perform at a higher rate thanks to improved heat management technologies. The vehicle also has the AcuraWatch driver assistance suite which includes lane assist and cruise control.

This hybrid vehicle goes to show that eco-friendly automotive options do not have to be independent of high-performance hardware and options.