This Nifty Hwang Kim Design Offers Discrete, Portable Outdoor Protection

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: hwangkim & designbuzz
Providing cheap, sturdy and effective shelter for the homeless and the needy is the name of the game for this customizable protective creation by Hwang Kim.

Made from folding triangular cardboard flaps and plastic buttons, Hwang Kim's design allows the Cocoon to be easily packed, transported and unpacked without the need for upkeep or extensive effort. Furthermore, because all of its main components are recyclable, it remains a surprisingly cost-effective way for those who need to protect themselves against the elements when forced to sleep outside.

Despite its humanitarian motivations, however, Hwang Kinm's design could also prove to be an invaluable companion for nomadic travelers and thrifty backpackers looking to cut down on their accommodation fees while traveling abroad on a fixed budget.