Hunting Poodles

 - May 26, 2008
References: thedenverchannel & network.nationalpost
It's time to shed your image of foofy poodles as perfectly coiffed, bow-wearing park dwellers, and begin envisioning them engaging in more traditioanl canine activities... like hunting. One Colorado poodle owner did, and as a result, he bred a very successful business.

These aren't your ordinary croissant-begging Fifis. Although complete with bulbous tufts of fur, and what look like wildly teased 80's manes, these dogs are bred to do just what the above video shows.

"I'm a crazy, neurotic woman, and I'm comfortable with that," says Eileen Jaskowski. "My passion is these wonderful dogs.

What most people don't know is that poodles were originally bred to be hunting dogs, so this just goes back to their most organic purpose.

"Of course, poodles are the original sporting dog. They herded. They retrieved. They guarded," says Jaskowski.