The Hummer Home Upcycles Old Vehicles Parts

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: hplusf & treehugger
After some initial research, architects Craig Hodgetts and Hsin-Ming Fung (together, HplusF) discovered that the Hummer's sheet metal was sturdy enough to build a capsule-type dwelling, which they would eventually christen the 'Hummer Home.'

Built from eight standard Hummer shells and reinforced by a steel armature, the Hummer Home comes complete with all the amenities of modern living: OEM refrigeration, media outlets and indoor heating. These concept homes were designed after the collapse of the Hummer brand and use virtually all the same parts, resources and technologies of the SUV.

In the wake of the Second World War, hundreds of factories were encouraged to repurpose their production away from tanks and planes and begin building consumer goods. HplusF have re-imagined that philosophy in a modern context -- it isn't tanks killing us anymore, but polluting vehicles, so why not repurpose them?