ATM Hotels Are Gold Cards for the Homeless On Cold Winter Nights

 - Jan 21, 2009
Cabracega, a Portuguese creative studio, came up with a wonderful solution to house the homeless on cold days. The Lisbon-based project creates awareness for empty or abandoned buildings, and demonstrates how these can be used for positive social needs.

The capital city has about 900 people who call the street their home, and unfortunately, many end up suffering from hypothermia in the winters.

While there are organizations who help these people by offering blankets, clothes and meals, the problem hasn’t been solved.

"But, in the city, there are indoor spaces likely to be used by the homeless on the cold nights. Those spaces are the ATM booths. These money containers, during the night, have hardly any movement, are constantly warm and can represent an almost luxurious shelter for the homeless," says. "Consequently, we’ve created a golden ATM Hotel to be developed in partnership with banks, allowing homeless to access the ATM indoor spaces."

The organization’s hope is that other businesses and institutions will be inspired to open their doors to the homeless in their off-hours too.