Stealth Cameras Logging Body Size

 - Aug 20, 2008
References: benjaminmales
As if we don’t have enough methods in place that invade the privacy of citizens already, along comes MA wielding 2008 graduate of the Royal College of Arts, Benjamin Males, and his invention SOLA, the Statistic Obesity Logging device. 

How does it work?  Simply put, hidden within its ultra-sleek design lies mega technology ready to take a jpeg snapshot of your bod while you innocently roam the streets.  It then calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) and publishes it to wired and wireless networks for the viewing pleasure of Zeus knows who. Talk about, "it always feels like, somebody’s watching me."

SOLA has potential pros and cons…

Pros: (1) It would be an ideal tool for private use when it comes to those monitoring their weight. (2) If used by insurance companies it may inspire the overweight and obese to lose weight lest they lose or are denied health insurance.  (3) Due to having a camera installed, it may prevent crimes from occurring or at least enable identification of suspects should a crime happen within its view. (4) Fido and Fefe would have something other than fire hydrants in which to relieve themselves.

Cons:  (1) It could be used to deny those suffering from obesity to be denied health insurance or health care.  (2) SOLA may one day be able to upload information into a database that connects to stores and restaurants which would deny consumers from buying unhealthy foods. (3) The stats could be uploaded to employers who offer health insurance as a way to monitor their employees to ensure workers stay within specified weight guidelines.

Whether you find SOLA a pro, con, or mixture of both, one thing is for sure…it’ll be interesting to see whether this invention takes hold and the outcome it has on society today.