The 'How to Spot a Tumblr User' Infographic is Hilarious

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: flowtown & columnfivemedia
'How to Spot a Tumblr User' is a genius infograph that takes the demographics, hilarious quirks and Tumblr-specific qualities of Tumblr users to identify them. Melding together what the average Tumblr user looks like ("minimal expression lines due to obsessive use of animated GIFs to convey emotions"), with over 74% being Caucasian, and an almost even divide between males and females.

Tumblr has created some of the best photoblogs of today, including the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling memes, Texts from Hillary, and other wonderfully fantastic GIFs and parodies. The site has also garnered some stereotypes along the way. One of the infographs mentions of this is in the multiple camera scenario where Tumblr users are said to have more than one camera: one for "Ironic garbage photography" and another camera for their "amateur photojournalist blog."