This Hotel on Water Will Be Towed into Place Next to the Notre-Dame

 - Nov 12, 2015
References: & luxurylaunches
To add to its collection of stunning hotels and luxury boutiques, Paris is set to present an incredible hotel on water by the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral. The floating hotel will have 54 rooms and a swimming pool, with a restaurant and bar on board as well.

People who stay will be rocked gently to sleep, without too much movement as the structure is floating in the same place and not rushing down the River Seine. Next to the historic Charles de Gaulle bridge, the floating hotel will be home to many spectacular views of the city.

The hotel on water is a collaboration between a hotel chain, Elegancia and an eco-friendly floating surface company, Citysurfing. The structure is being built in Normandy and will be drifting over, towed by boat, within the month.