Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power is More Shocking Than the Shake Weight

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: huffingtonpost & neatorama
While riding a horse undeniably offers a great workout, the same can also be said for sex; Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power happens to hone in on both of these activities. Granted, the latter is obviously a coincidence. Like the infamous Shake Weight, this home workout equipment is hugely suggestive, which has everyone talking.

Created in Korea, the Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power is essentially like a mechanical bull, except that it is a lot more tamed and streamlined to mimic the motion of a horse rather than a bull. While the rocking movement does offer a dead-on impression of horseback riding, since it doesn't have the context of a horse, it becomes something significantly more sexual. Nevertheless, the company does state, "This home mechanical equestrian system will meet for all the family need."