Takayuki Ohira's 'Megastar Class' Home Planetarium Recreates the Night Sky

 - Feb 10, 2016
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
Takayuki Ohira is one of Japan's most well-known planetarium designers who is now making it possible for the average consumer to enjoy a starry night sky with his new home planetarium.

The 'Megastar Class' is a projection device that beams out more than a million stars over 180 degrees, turning entire ceilings and walls into a realistic simulation of the sky. In order to fully enhance the authenticity of the device, Ohira's Megastar Class design also includes a diurnal motion that's set to the 35th parallel north. Since this is a Bluetooth-enabled device, it's also able to create a number of ambient mood lighting scenes, including ones that mimic dusk, dark and blue skies.

At a price of over $17,000, unfortunately this at-home planetarium system doesn't come cheap to amateur stargazers.