The Home 3G Wireless Access Point Improves Mobile Data Strength

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: huawei &
There is an understandable tendency towards concealing electronic equipment within cabinets and behind cupboard doors since many techie products are simply not attractive. The Home 3G Wireless Access Point relies on a prime placement in the heart of your home, so extra thought was put into enhancing its appearance.

Manufactured by Huawei Technologies, this device does not need rows of buttons and dials in order to function. It was possible to maintain a clean and clutter-free design for a gadget that discretely draws in and intensifies the mobile Internet signals indoors. A sequence of clear and basic icons is the only detail applied to the pure white surface of the Home 3G Wireless Access Point. A subtle crook in the back of the appliance lets it stand up like a picture frame would.